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DMAd is because of support from our mentors and partners from across the world. We as humans have always found inspiration in experiences and stories around us, and that’s what DMAd Talks does. The concept of mentorship isn’t something that is latest fad or a recently discovered idea. But it has been the foundation of generations before us when a “Guru” would lead the way for his disciples. Gurus shared experiences, stories, and learnings that would lay the foundations for the "Shishyas" to build their future.

“DMAd Talks” started as an initiative to get more connected to the youth, guide them and lead them towards the path that they desire. A lot of times, we seek guidance and support from our families and friends to make some of the most important decisions of our lives. “DMAd Talks” aims to become that family or friend that you can turn to when you need support and guidance. Our careers aren’t built in a day and neither do we get success in a one night effort. Sure an all night study marathon can help you pass an exam, but that isn’t what success is, right? Success is constant effort, experiences and our daily choices. We through DMAd Talks share experiences and ideas that help you in the times of taking life-changing decisions.

D-MAD Talks | Divyansh Madaan
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