DMAD is everything what it sounds like! We are “The Mad” ones. Aristotle once said, “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness”, and we believe in it! We are a platform for all those creative minds that are set to conquer the world. All it takes for dreams to come true is a bit of passion, some hard work and loads of madness. India is one of the fastest growing economies today and has some of the brightest minds in the world. D-Mad is a platform for your dreams. Come let’s build experiences and set ourselves on a journey to acquire what we desire. We are here to empower you to conquer your tomorrow. You dream and we will work together to make it come true!

Our Vision

Our mission is to bring the best opportunities for all the artists out there and help them in doing what they love. We work with mentors and partners spread all over the world who not only just believe in our madness but have a tint of it in themselves too. We have launched several initiatives with an aim to support the artists and their art. We understand that we cannot add the “art” in artists, what we can do is provide a platform to reserve, preserve and promote the real. Over the years, we have realized that a lot of artists often have to leave their passion and things that they love because of lack of societal acceptance and this is where we decided to bring a change. We set out on a mission that aims at building the largest collective of artists who can come together and use a common platform to celebrate and practice their art. DMAD is here to stay and make the artist in you flourish!

About the Founder

Divyansh Madaan, Founder & CEO, D-Mad

Divyansh Madaan, from a small town of Rohtak came to Delhi like thousands of others to study in prestigious Delhi University. Like an ordinary Indian boy, all he was asked to ever do was score well in exams! But here he was from a small town of Haryana, stepping into a new world full of possibilities and opportunities. From here started his journey of learning, falling, growing and making a difference in this newly discovered world. The only thing that this ordinary Indian boy wanted to do now was to learn. And that’s what he did. From internships and college societies to volunteering work and events, he did everything that allowed him to learn new things. And that’s how this ordinary boy probably added the “extra” to his life and became extraordinary! At young age, he was working with top leaders, interacting with CEOs and founders of some of the best startups and enterprises of the country. He carved his way through all the opportunities that came his way. And that’s how he decided to launch D-Mad to create and bring these opportunities for millions of young minds of the country.